JSKD takes care of active creativity and  development of creative capacities and professional standards as well as spreading and connecting educational, research, publishing and residential programmes.

JSKD is aware of the importance of additional trainings and educational courses and the needs for lifelong learning, which is the leading principle in education. Education and training programmes are intended for mentors, teachers, animators, leaders of cultural groups and individuals who want to work or receive additional education in individual areas.

Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities Study Centre was established in 2015 with the purpose of realising, implementing and performing the tasks of the fund in fields that cover research and staff training, granting financial support, presenting awards, residential projects, projects from European cohesion resources and library activities of the fund, determined by the law and the Act establishing the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities. This is a quality upgrade of successful JSKD educational programmes and a complement to the system through well thought-out novelties that support:

- research and development of creative capacities in connection to the main areas;  

- new, extended and well thought-out publishing activities in terms of programmes;

- reasonable connection and expansion of residential programmes and

- quality documentation and library support.

When collecting new knowledge and competencies, we follow modern educational trends. Experienced lecturers and mentors can adapt to the group using appropriate awareness and choose the correct methods for education and training. In our work, we follow modern educational methods and social trends. In that way, our educational programmes always remain current.

Our goals in providing quality are:

- competency of lecturers and mentors for ensuring and developing quality;

- satisfaction of participants with our trainings and educational services;

- connection of educational, cultural and other similar institutions and active participation in the narrow and wider environment;

- offer of various sectoral educational programmes for all generations and various target groups;

- kind and professional relationship towards participants;

- quality educational and counselling process for all participants;

- introduction of novelties in educational processes and training;

- up-to-date educational offer, which is adapted to the needs of individuals and target groups.

In addition to the already established forms of education at the Study Centre, we have been offering interdisciplinary educational courses since 2015 that connect various creative activities, particularly work with children and the young in the context of the non-mandatory optional subject Art and adapted educational courses and trainings in the framework of ESS programmes that should enable the young to enter the labour market more easily.