Professional and amateur cultures are intertwined in the creativity space of Cankarjeva Residential Centre. It provides possibilities for free creative expression, which is based on connecting different cultures and flow of creative ideas at the international level. Through their creativity, the creators leave their mark on our cultural space and the city.

JSKD residential programmes are designed as professionally organised activities that guarantee space, time and support needed for the implementation of creative action in various areas of cultural engagement, with a focus on amateur culture. Through residential programmes, we follow the example of similar institutions at home and abroad, the mission of which is to support and promote creativity. In autumn 2010, the residential centre, with two residential units, was opened in the very centre of Ljubljana and is intended for accommodation of foreign artists. It provides space for foreign creators for creativity and production and acts as the connecting point for foreign creators and domestic artists and provides inclusion into educational and research programmes of the study centre.

Cankarjeva Residential Centre chooses its residents through international public calls. The central criterion for choosing the applicant is his/her reputation and whether he/she is a promising artist in the domestic and international space as well as if he/she shows interest in Slovenian literature, art and culture. In nearly a decade of operation, the centre has hosted over 100 artists from all over the world and all areas of art.



Tomaž Simetinger


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