Unionska dvorana Maribor, 21. april 2018

Pravila tekmovanja (obstaja samo angleška različica)



Article 1 – THE EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX FOR CHORAL SINGING is organized by the six international contests which follow: ARREZO (Italy) – DEBRECEN (Hungary) – MARIBOR (Slovenia) – TOLOSA (Spain) – TOURS (France) – VARNA (Bulgaria).

Article 2 – It takes place every year in turn in each of the six cities above mentioned, the date being arranged by the organizer.

Article 3 –The choirs that can take part in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing are those who won the Grand Prix at any of the six contests the previous year. Under exceptional circumstances, a substitute choir may be called.
As soon as a choir has been qualified by one of the Competition members, it cannot be qualified again in the same another Competition member.

Article 4 – Qualified choirs must perform in the same group/category as in the contest won (mixed choir, female choir, children’s choir ...)

Article 5 – All the choirs that take part in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing must participate with the same number of choristers that they had for the qualification contest. However a margin of 10% more or less of this number of choristers is allowed (enlarged to the nearest integer: decimals from 1 to 5 go down and from 6 to 9 go up) with a minimum of 12 choristers and a maximum of 50 choristers (10% included). If these limits are not respected the choir will be automatically disqualified.

Article 6 – It is reminded that only the Amateur choirs may take part in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.

Article 7 – The programme is up to the choirmaster and it should include various works throughout times and styles. The length of the whole programme (music only!) should not be shorter than 22 and not longer than 26 minutes.
If these margins are not respected the choir will be punished by deduction of points (up to 1 minute – 1 point, up to 2 minutes – 2 points …)
The Instrumental accompaniment should not exceed ten minutes.

Article 8 – The winning choir is granted the appellation “EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX FOR CHORAL SINGING - WINNER” with specification of the year. The choir will be awarded an honorary diploma and Trophy. A financial prize in the amount defined by the host contest may be also given to the winning choir.
The “Festival des Choeurs Lauréats” (partner of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing) will offer the winning choir:
-       An invitation to perform some concerts in the surroundings of Vaison la Romaine (France).
-       An important indemnity for these concerts which will be stated by the “Festival des Choeurs Lauréats”
-       Travel expenses to be determined together by the winning choir and the Festival.
-       The Festival will provide all accommodation, meal and travel expenses at Vaison la Romaine and in the surroundings.

The other competing choirs will be awarded a smaller copy of the Trophy and a Diploma mentioning them as finalist of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.

Article 9 – The winning choir of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing cannot be nominated for another EGP finale in the following two years.

Article 10 – Except case of force circumstances, a choir that refuses to take part in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing will be banned from any of the six contests organized by the cities mentioned in article 1 following the European Grand Prix that the choir did not take part in.



Article 11 - Date and application procedure
The European Grand Prix for Choral Singing in 2018 will be held at 5.30 PM on April 21st, Concert Hall Union, city of Maribor – Slovenia.
The competition is open to the choirs that won the Arezzo, Tolosa, Tours, Varna and Maribor contests in 2017.
If any of the choir decides not to take part (announcement deadline November 1st, for Tolosa 2017 winner December 1st), the substitute choir selected by the same contest will be called out.

Article 12 – Additional financial award
The organiser of the EGP finale 2018 will proclaim only one winner. The other choirs will not be ranked, but will be proclaimed as EGP finalists. The winning choir will be awarded 3000 €.

Article 13 – Musical programme
See article 7 of general rules.

Article 14 – Practical arrangements

a)    Free accommodation and meals:
-       The Organizing Committee covers the expenses of the singers and conductors, taking part in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing (numbers specified in Article 5).
-       For each of the participating choirs’ three additional persons for adult choirs or five additional persons for children’s choirs will be also offered free accommodation and meals.
-       The Organizing Committee covers the costs for their stay during the competition period (accommodation and food - breakfast/lunch/dinner) from dinner on April 20th, 2018 untill Lunch on Sunday, April 22rd, 2018.
-       Participants have free accommodation in student dormitories. In case the choir would prefer to stay in the hotel the organiser covers the hotel accommodation costs in the amount of the student dormitories, the rest must be payed by the choir (for details and better deals in the hotels contact Mr. Matija Varl).
-       The participants have the obligation to be present from Saturday, April 21st in the morning until the end of Prize giving Ceremony.

b)    Acoustic rehearsal for the EGP finale
Each ensemble will be allowed to rehearse on the stage on Saturday afternoon, April 21st, for 20 minutes.

c)    EGP finale performance
All competition performances take place in front of an audience. The order of the choirs’ appearance on the stage is decided through drawing lots on each choirs’ arrival to Maribor.
An International Jury makes the evaluation of the choirs’ performances. Its decisions are final and irrevocable.

d)    Additional concerts
Choirs are welcome to perform additional concert(s) that can take place on 20th or 22nd in the towns around Slovenia. The local organisers cover costs of (accommodation/meals/transport in case of a concert on the mentioned dates). Possibilities for additional concerts to be discussed with the organiser (contact Ms. Mihela Jagodic).

e)    Transport:
The traveling expenses to and from Maribor will be at charge of the participating group.




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