ŽIVA, festival of young dance creativity

Festival of young dance creativity ŽIVA is an annual event which presents a cross-section of current dance creativity of selected dance groups and individuals from all over Slovenia as well as guests from abroad. Name ŽIVA presents a unique homage to Živa Kraigher, important Slovenian dance teacher and choreographer.
Festival Živa marks 40 years of its existence.


National and International Competition of Young Dance Performers OPUS 1

The aim of the competition is to promote contemporary dance and discover fresh talents from all over the world. The aim is not to push for competitiveness, but to foster creativity of young performers. Every year there is a different topic that the young dance performers must use as a basis for their short dance piece. The annual topics are meant to stimulate critical thinking about specific issues in young performers and give them the means to learn about, research and study specific topics and dancers/artists.


PIKA MIGA ( Pipi Longstockings moves), mini festival of children dance groups

The presentation of the best children's dance groups in Slovenia is an annual event that takes place at the Pippi‘s festival in Velenje.
Velenje is a home to Pippi’s Festival, which in its 26-year-long tradition has transformed from a one-day event into the biggest children’s festival in Slovenia. 



The event aims to establish links between dance and education as well as connect those working in general education with those who enrich a child’s free time with dance. The participants were actively informed of the happenings in the area of dance teaching and creative movements in education.
Lectures and workshops at the conference are aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, professional dancers and choreographers, dance teachers, dance therapists, students of art and education faculties, theoreticians and researchers from the fields of pedagogy, psychology etc. 
The conference will allow the participants to actively acquaint themselves with topics from the fields of dance pedagogy and creative movement. 
So-organisation: UL PeF (University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education).
The conference also included a mini festival of children’s dance groups.


BESEDE PLEŠEJO (Words Dance) - dance performance during the festival of youth literature

“Besede plešejo (Words Dance)” is dance performance during the festival of youth literature, promoting the creative link between dance and literature. The winner of the choreography contest prepares a choreography based on the literary source of a nominated young poet or writer.