October 6 – 8, 2017, Velenje, Slovenia


We are delighted to announce the 3rd International Dance Pedagogy Conference in Slovenia, entitled “I WALK, I DANCE, I AM”. The title comes from the soon-to-be-published book by Slovenian dance teacher Marija Vogelnik, which epitomizes the essence of contemporary dance creativity by stressing that every movement can itself be dance and that we do not have the body, do not possess the body, but rather we are the body. Body and dance are indelibly linked. Becoming aware of the body, feeling the body and oneself through creation and expression by movement is an important yet neglected part of the education process. This is why the conference aims at fostering links between the art of dance and education, thus linking those active in the area of general education with those who enrich a child's free time with dance.

Lectures and workshops at the conference are aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, professional dancers and choreographers, dance teachers, dance therapists, students of art and education faculties, theoreticians and researchers from the fields of pedagogy, psychology etc.
The conference will allow the participants to actively acquaint themselves with topics from the fields of dance pedagogy and creative movement.
The conference will also host a mini festival of children dance groups entitled “PIKA MIGA” (PIPPI MOVES).


Susan Griss (US), Author of Minds in Motion: A Kinesthetic Approach to Teaching Elementary Curriculum (Heinemann, 1998); a pioneer in the field of arts-in-education

Franca Zagatti (IT), Professor of Educational Dance at the University (2000 – 2014), free-lance dance artist and Artistic Director of Mousiké

Pol Coussement (BE), artistic director of Passerelle, cultural educational organization that helps children and young people to develop through dance, movement, expression and performance

Sanja Tropp Frühwald and VRUM performing arts collective (CRO)

Prof. dr. Robi Kroflič, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Dr. Vesna Geršak, lecturer for dance pedagogy, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana and University of Primorska

Davide Casiraghi (IT, SLO), Contact Improvisation teacher and Yoga Alliance certified teacher

Tina Dobaj, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

Neva Kralj, dance teacher, dance therapy specialist

Rosana Horvat, dance teacher, dancer, and choreographer

Špela Medved, dance teacher and teacher of social sciences

Mojca Kasjak, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

Daša Grgič, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

Eka in Brina Vogelnik, artists and editors of Marija Vogelnik book »I walk, I dance, I am«

Examples from practise:

​The conference will present examples of good practice in the field of dance pedagogy. Conference participants are invited to write an example of good practice (presented can be a lesson, project learning approach ...) and send their contributions by 1 July at the address

The contribution will be reviewed; about the acceptance you will be informed by 1 September. Accepted contributions will be presented at the conference in the form of a round table.

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pika miga 2017

Festival Pika miga 2017, Velenje 6.-8. 10. 2017