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Murska Sobota, Slovenia




August, 27 - 30, 2013



Maja Kalafatić, Robert Clark, Tony Mills, Ingrid Kerec, Andreja Kopač and more



35,00 to 80,00 EUR


June 30th, 2013



Dance challenges at Front@ are a four-day long intensive exchange of ideas and knowledge on classes for beginners, advanced and professional dancers.






Programme and schedule




Maja Kalafatić: Yoga

9.00 – 10.00


KLAS PRESENEČENJA ( vsak klas bo vodil drug učitelj - gost festivala; npr. Robert Clark, Tony Mills…)

10.15 – 11.45


Ingrid Kerec:Fascia - Training, mobilization and self-massage for dancers

12.00 – 13.30


Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla:Improvisation and Group Intelligence

13.45– 16.45


Andreja Kopač:Analysis / Synthesis (Methods of writing about dance and for dance)

17.00 – 18.30

different location

Studio: ŠRC Spartacus, Kopališka 2, Murska Sobota (



The lesson is composed of warming up, asanas for strengthening and opening of the muscles, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Maja will focus on psychosomatic exercises, anatomical body placement, coordination and balance. She will keep you focused on full and relaxed breathing. Pranayama teaches deep and relaxed breathing through dynamic exercises as well. Relaxation session will take place at the end of every class.

Fascia - Training, mobilization and self-massage for dancers

After the last Dance Medicine Conference in Berlin in 2012 on the topic fascia & dance, it became clear that in the field of dance training we also need to shift our focus to the connective tissues - fascia - ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. Chronic overuse, pain and dance injuries also take place in these important structures and seldom in muscles or bones themselves alone.
Therefore, in this workshop we will learn about fascial structures both theoretically and practically. We will explore its characteristics, how it functions, how to train it and how such training opens new opportunities for change and improvement in movement.

In addition to specific exercises that promote fascial stability and elasticity we will show relaxation, mobilization and self-massage techniques that positively affect these structures, while encouraging and supporting the health of dancer’s bodies.

Improvisation and Group Intelligence

(class + workshop)
This course is suitable for people who are interested in improvisation and new approaches to this subject. Games, intuition, alert, listening, surprise, rhythm, movement dynamics, creativity, physicality, risk and joy are some of the elements that we will experience during the workshop. We all take the dance room as a social space where we meet, share, and interact with each other by following different playful tasks. We will focus in taking collective decisions while dancing and finding spontaneous and creative paths to move in the room, always connecting and getting inspired by each other.
By playing and improvising we will develop certain intelligence as a group, like a flock of birds or swarm of fishes we will practice and improve the awareness of our dance in connection with the others, the music and the space.

Analysis / Synthesis (Methods of writing about dance and for dance)

How to write about concepts - and for them? How to see the work of another? At which point begins the analysis - and opens the synthesis? How to use writing for formulation and creation? The workshop will be dealing with the skill of analysis of viewing and synthesis of writing as a practice that serves dancers, teachers and choreographers, both within the creative process of choreographing and beyond. The workshop will include two procedures; the analysis of the performances at the festival Front@ and parallel synthesis through our own materials. In that context it will serve primarily as a tool for future use.



Maja Kalafatić


Maja Kalafatić (1984) graduated from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She takes part in several original pieces as a choreographer and dancer and cooperates with other artists. After returning to Slovenia, she completed a 2-year Yoga teacher class in the Devi Yoga Centre. Maja teaches contemporary dance technique at Intakt and Yoga in Devi and Parinama Yoga centers, as well as at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana.




Ingrid Kerec


Ingrid Kerec is a former professional dancer, and has completed her training as a Certified Rolfer® and Rolfing®Movement practitioner in 1998. Her work covers all aspects of Rolfing – from manual work at her Practice at Rolfing Studio Wien, to her teaching Applied Anatomy at different professional dance schools and institutions in Vienna. She also gives Movement coaching workshops for professional groups, such as Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and many other different sport and fitness disciplines.

Additionally, through her dance training and practical experience, she has developed a form of body-work specifically designed for all types of dancers and dance teachers. This work is based on Rolfing concepts and the theory of Dance Medicine.

Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla




Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla was born in Colombia in 1982. Within 2000-2005 Dante studied Media Communication at the Javeriana University, where he also continued his training in physical theater. He began a parallel education in contemporary dance at the Dance Academy Espacio Común Danza. In a short time he got to work with some of the most representative dance companies. In 2006 Dante moved to Austria where he finished his studies in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner University. He is a regular member of the Austrian dance companies Off Verticality (Linz) and Editta Braun (Salzburg); since 2007 he joined Wee Dance Company (Norway) directed by the choreographer Francesco Scavetta. Dante has been part of successful ensembles and festivals in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe…

Andreja Kopač


Andreja Kopač (1980) acting as a journalist and dramaturge, is a graduate of the journalism program, Master of Linguistics  and a PhD student of Sociology of Culture. She regularly writes for the magazine Maska. She also works as a performer, mentor, consultant and researcher. From 2009 to 2013 she collaborated as dramaturge in more than 30 performances and creative processes in the domestic and international field.





Extra offers

- All who apply for at least two classes, can buy tickets for all the performances for EUR 10
- Dance teachers can ask for watching the classes at a 50% discount on an individual course’s price
- In case of vacancies, you can apply for single class for EUR 10. Please inquire at the office for vacancies.
- All who apply at least one class can get 15% discount on 2. Conference on Dance Medicine in Slovenia, which will be held on 31st of August in Murska Sobota (more info:




Before 30 June

After 30 June
(if available)

M. Kalafatić: Yoga; I. Kerec: Dance anatomy; J. van der Mast: Modern dance

EUR 35

EUR 55

M. Tomašik: Happy feet and Solo dance

EUR 50

EUR 70

Joan van der Mast: Master class for Dance Teachers

EUR 60

EUR 80

* 20% VAT is included in the fee. The price list is valid for 6 days of WDS.



In accordance with your application form, we shall send you a pro forma invoice, which should be paid before the event starts (or before the 30 June 2011 for lower prices).
If the payment is made by an organization, the application form must include its stamp and be signed by the person responsible.



- EUR 5 for each subsequent course (if you apply for two courses – EUR 5, if for three – EUR 10....)
- A society or club, that signs up more than 5 people gets a 10% discount on the total amount
  (Send the application forms in one bundle)
- A family that signs up at least 2 of its members gets a 10% discount on the total amount
  (Send the application forms in one bundle)
- Professionals with a freelance status (copy of proof necessary) get a 10% discount on the total amount



Lower prices are available if you sign up and pay before 30 June 2011.
Correctly filled-in application forms must be sent to: or by post to: JSKD, for dance challenges, Štefanova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
After this deadline you will only be able to apply in case of vacancies at an increased price. Please contact the organizer.



If you cannot arrange it by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We recommend you to book your stay at least 2 weeks before the event starts:

Dijaški dom (secondary school student home),
Tomšičeva ul. 15, Murska Sobota;
Tel.: 02/530 03 10;

Gostišče Javor s prenočišči,
Polje 2, Murska Sobota;
T: 02/534 10 33;

Hotel Zvezda,
Trg zmage 8,
Murska Sobota;
T: 02/539 15 73


Legal information

- We retain the right to change the content of the program, due force majeure
- We take no responsibility for injuries and thefts. You must provide for your own insurance and keep an eye on your belongings
- The tuition fee will be refunded only if we receive a medical certificate before the end of the event
- Taking photos, recording videos and taking notes during classes is prohibited, unless agreed in advance with the organizer and teacher



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