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Maribor, 15.-17. april 2011






Niš, Srbija/Serbia
Zoran Stanisavljević 

The Female choir of the Students Cultural Center Nis, Nis, Serbia  was founded in December 2004. The founder and conductor is Zoran Stanisavljevic.  Members are mainly students of the University of Nis, as well as pupils of secondary schools in Nis. The choir has participated in many festivals in Serbia and abroad (Greece, Belarus, Spain, Bulgaria ) with great success. 
The program orientation of this choir is interpretation of various genres of choral music, especially Serbian ethno and spiritual music, and for performing this kind of music this choir has been awarded on many festivals. The greatest achievement up to now is participation on 22nd International Choir Festival in Nis 2008, when the Female Choir of SCC won a an prestigious award for the” Best performance of the overall program at ICF“, as well as the “Gold medal in the category of female choirs” on Choir competition in Bjeljina, Republic of Srpska.
The Female choir of Student’s Cultural Centre on Nis actively and with great enthusiasm performs compositions of many contemporary composers such as Petar  Ljondev, Aleksadnar S. Vujic, Kurt Bikkembergs, Anatoly Kisselev, Dragan Tomic  and others.

Ženski hor Studentskog kulturnog centra Niš, Serbia

Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia
Damijan Močnik 

Chamber choir Megaron was founded in 2003 at the initiative of former singers of Diocesan Classical Gymnasium and their conductor Damijan Močnik. The choir was awarded several prizes at the National choral competiton »Naša pesem« in Maribor (in 2005/silver, 2007/silver and 2010/gold). They toured successfully in Germany, Belgium, Netherland and Slovakia. They sang at the solemn holy mass honouring the 100th anniversary of St. Stanislav’s Institution and at the Episcopal ordination of D.D. Anton Jamnik. Chamber choir Megaron toured in Canada in 2010 and received the second prize in the category of mixed choirs at the International competition Kathaumixw. They were the most convincing choir in the category of folk music and won the first prize. On Holy Thursday this year they will perform a new composition written by Damijan Močnik, St. Johannes passion, a cantata for orchestra, choir and soloists.

Komorni zbor Megaron, Slovenia

München/Munich, Nemčija/Germany
Florian Helgath 

The via-nova-choir Munich was founded in 1972 by Kurt Suttner who left his unmistakable mark in his 35 years of conducting the choir. In February 2008 Florian Helgath was elected the new musical director.The chorus consists of roughly 40 lay singers and a few professional musicians. The Ensemble is particularly dedicated to the performance of contemporary music without neglecting the vast classical tradition. In the past the via-nova-choir has performed many musical works by modern-day Munich composers. With 43 premiere performances, the choir has contributed considerably to the promotion of contemporary music and has encouraged the work of  many young composers. A number of concert tours has taken the choir all over the world to places such as Taiwan (Taipei International Choral Festival 2000), Jeonju, South Korea (Sori-Festival 2002), Graz, Austria (Musikfest Psalm 2003), Oslo, Norway (A concert in celebration of Knut Nystedt's 90th birthday in 2005) and Cuneo, Italy (Festival Incontri Corali 2006). Via-nova-choir has also won several first prizes in a number of internationally acclaimed choir contests such as: Den Haag (1977), Cork (1985/87), Budapest (1991) and Tolosa (2009). On a national level the chorus won first prizes at the Bavarian Choir Competition (2009) and at the German Choir Competition in Dortmund (2010), as well as receiving a special award in the performance of contemporary choral music at the German Choir Competition in Fulda (1994) and in Dortmund (2010).

Via nova chor, Germany

Luanco, Asturija, Španija/Asturias, Spain
Marco Antonio García de Paz

Founded in 1996, El León de Oro is an outstanding 38-voiced choir from the Asturian region of Spain. In its short history it has achieved a remarkable reputation demostrated by numerous awards within Spain and abroad. On two occasions El León de Oro won the Spanish National Choral Contest (2003 and 2006). At the international level, it has given concerts in France (2004, 2006), Bulgaria (2005) and Belgium (2007), and has toured Sweden (2004), the USA (2006), and most recently Morocco (2008) and Sardinia-Italy (2009). The chorus regularly participates in the choral contests of the European Grand Prix Circuit for Choral Singing (so far, Tours, Varna, Tolosa and Arezzo). Even if it won most valuable prizes in Varna (2005) and Tolosa (2006), the greatest international achievement of El León de Oro so far took place in the 56th International Polyphonic Contest ‘Guido d’Arezzo’, held in Arezzo in September 2008. There the choir won First Prize in all of the participating categories and was awarded the ‘Città di Arezzo’ Grand Prix. Most recently, the choir has been given the ‘Guidoneum Award’ 2011, and next autumn it will participate in this year’s edition of Tolosa’s Contest.

El Leon de Oro, Spain

Varšava/Warsaw, Poljska/Poland
Tomasz Hynek 

The Warsaw School of Economics Choir (Chór SGH) has existed for over forty years, but owes its current form to its present conductor, Tomasz Hynek, who revived the group in 1993. The Choir is a group of singing enthusiasts who, apart from their Academic career in Economy, cannot imagine their life without music. Mostly made up of students and alumni, it attracts singers not related to the university, too. An eclectic musical taste makes the Choir stand out on the Polish music scene – it successfully performs both great classical works and modern compositions. The main goal of the Choir is simply to enjoy the music. Doing it with devotion, all members make great efforts to develop their passion and achieve the best results at the same time. Over the last 16 years the Choir has won many awards, including first places at: International “Varsovia Cantus” Festival, “Vivat Academia” University Choir Festival, International Competition of Sacred Music in Slovakia, and others. The Choir has often collaborated with other choirs, e.g. during the European Christmas Carol Gala at the National Opera. The Choir was also enthusiastically received at concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and it distinguished itself in prestigious international competitions in Italy (4th place in Gorizia, first prize not awarded) and Ireland at the Cork International Choral Festival.

The Warsaw School of Economics Choir, Poland

Stockholm, Švedska/Sweden
Bengt Ollén

The choir was established in 1993 and the 32 members are between 18-35 years old. Most of the singers were educated at the music schools of Adolf Fredrik, Stockholms Musikgymnasium and Södra Latins gymnasium. Therefore the singers in the choir perform from a solid musical platform. We rehearse in the congregation of the Sofia church in Stockholm.The choir is often engaged to sing at different events, such as the Alternative Nobel Prize in Stockholm.
The Sofia Vocal Ensemble tours regularly and is often participating in various international choir competitions with great success (2009: Grand prix prize at the Grieg International Choir Competition in Bergen, Norway, 2006: the choir was awarded a shared first place in the prestigious Harald Andersen Chamber Choir Competition in Helsinki, 2004: the choir attended the Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany, and received three gold medals). Furthermore, the Sofia Vocal Ensemble has toured in Sicily, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Russia, Slovenia and Italy, Finland and South Africa.
The choir released their second CD-recording last year “The Darkness Is No Darkness” with Anglo-American contemporary choral music. This year, the choir has also been chosen to represent Sweden in the international EBU-choir competition "Let the Peoples Sing".

Sofia Vocalensemble, Sweden

Manila, Filipini/The Philippines
Anna Tabita Abeleda – Piquero

A rich full-bodied timbre, a harmony of youth and maturity, innovative programming, versatility - these characteristics catapulted the University of the East Chorale (UEC) to the ranks of internationally acclaimed choral virtuosos. The UEC roster of hardworking singers, dedicated to the choral arts, is comprised by students and some alumni from the various UE colleges. Under the tutelage of Ms. Anna Tabita Abeleda-Piquero, a former member of the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers, the UEC has been representing the Philippines in prestigious choral competitions and festivals locally and globally- in Europe, China and South Korea. Over a span of 11 years, the UEC won 21 major awards over several prominent international choral groups, notable of which is the back-to-back championship in the prestigious Busan International Choral Festival and Competition in 2006 & 2007.
Exuding fresh energy and the versatility to perform in many languages and styles, the UEC prides itself in transforming every performance to communing with the audience, pouring their hearts out, their souls flowing to them, eliciting awe, endearment and tears of joy.

University of East Chorale, The Philippines

Manila, Filipini/The Philippines
Maria Lourdes V. Hermo

The Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club (ACGC) has distinguished itself as the oldest university chorale in the Philippines. It has then grown to establish itself as a world-renowned and multi-awarded choir. The ACGC has also accomplished the release of several albums boasting a wide repertoire of songs from Classical to OPM (Original Pinoy Music) and Sacred to Folk Music. The ACGC strives for choral excellence for the glory of God and to serve the nation through their songs. Tracing its beginnings to the year 1921, the ACGC was formed to answer the need for liturgical music in San Ignacio Church, in Manila. And ever since the Ateneo de Manila University became co-educational in 1974, the choir has been lead by able conductors to evolve into a mixed-choir and to expand their repertoire. The choir has pioneered many firsts as a Filipino chorale group and as a student organization. The ACGC has proudly carried the name of the Philippines during their International Tours in Europe, Asia, and North America. In light of the ACGC’s upcoming 90th season, the group reflects on its past accomplishments and looks towards its future plans on its role in building the nation. The ACGC hopes to continue raising awareness about Philippine culture through choral excellence and to also be relevant to the audience by capturing their hearts and by adapting to the changing times.

Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club, The Philippines

Khmelnytskyi, Ukrajina/Ukraine
Ihor Tsmur 

Khmelnytskyi chamber choir was founded in Khmelnytskyi town in April of 1998. Ihor Tsmur - Honored art worker of Ukraine, holds the post of the director, art director and the main conductor of collective. After the first concert choir had success and today is very popular among the inhabitants of native town.
Thanks to the diligence of each artist of the choir, and in particular the main conductor, Khmelnytskyi choir became the winner of International and Ukrainian competitions and festivals and has performed in Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Choir constantly takes part in charitable and cultural actions, gives concerts in the houses of old people and invalids, schools, hospitals etc.
The choir's national and international repertoire includes more then 289 the best compositions of choral creativity, among them: medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern music.
Every day the choir tries to improve masterfulness and does all its best to enlarge its inner world through choral singing. The collective of Khmelnytskyi chamber choir tries to show to Ukrainian and foreign audience all the beauty of music by means of choral singing.

Khmelnytskyi chamber choir, Ukraine