Opus 1


Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje, 20. april 2019


11. International Competition of Young Dance Performers
OPUS 1 – Short Dance Piece 2019

Slovenian National Theatre Celje, 20th April 2019



The aim of this competition is to promote contemporary dance and discover fresh talents. Not to push for competitiveness, but rather to foster creativity of young performers.

The 11th International Competition of Young Dance Performers OPUS 1 – short dance piece 2019 (Slovenian National Theatre Celje, 20th April 2019) is open to dancers born between 1995 and 2004, who can apply with:

A solo dance piece which is both conceived and choreographed by the performing dancer

A duet, which is both conceived and choreographed by the performing dancers - shared authorship

Dancers who apply must reside outside of Slovenia. Dancers residing in Slovenia must reach the international competition through national contests.

Age groups and lengths of short dance pieces:

Group B (born between 2000 and 2004) – maximum 4 minutes;

Group C (born between 1995 and 1999) – maximum 7 minutes


This year is no a prescribed topic.

Place yourself in an empty space and dance - WHATEVER!

Write down your topic on the blank list of paper - WHATEVER!

WHATEVER is in you, WHATEVER is around you, WHATEVER you do, WHATEVER you are looking for, WHATEVER you are wondering, in WHATEVER you doubt, WHATEVER are you interested in, we are also interested!

The jury

The jury will be composed from three renowned international dance experts. In previous years, jury members included Susan Quinn (SEAD), Matej Kejžar, Martin Sonderkamp, Milan Tomášik (Les SlovaKs), Eduardo Torroja, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Roberto Olivan, Boštjan Antončič (Rosas), Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Ofra Idel (MASH), Davide Sportelli, Ana Štefanec (EnKnap)  …

This year’s jury will be announced as soon as it is confirmed!

The prizes will be awarded for:

The Best short dance piece- dance performance and choreography (group B: EUR 300, group C: EUR 800)

The Best idea (group B: EUR 150, group C: EUR 400)

The Best dancer (group B: EUR 150, group C: EUR 400)

Apart from these awards, performers will also vie for the following:

Dance studio Intakt and JSKD will select a young dance artist (only from group C), who will get a grant for producing a new dance project, which will be premiered at the OPUS 2020 and have a postproduction at the Platforma festival of contemporary dance in Maribor

A young jury will select one short dance piece and award its performer with participation at dance classes and workshops at The International Summer Dance School in Ljubljana

Matjaz Farič, artistic director of the international contemporary dance festival Front@, will select dance pieces, which will be featured at the 14th edition of the Front@ festival, September 2019.

Price for participation on CREATION platform (organized by MASH) in Jerusalem in 2020 (only for group C)

The deadline for applications is 1st March 2019. The application must be submitted online until 1st March 2019, 12.00 AM CET and is only complete if it includes a link to the dance piece which shall be presented at the competition. Only complete applications, submitted before the deadline, shall be considered. 

Application form:



There is no entrance fee. A curatorship will select young dance performers on the basis of the received videos to participate in the competition. The successful dancers will receive an invitation by 12th March 2019 at the latest. The competitors must confirm their appearance by 20th March 2019. If the competitors do confirm their participation in time, the invitation will become invalid.

Please make sure that you read the rules and instructions and follow them to the letter.
More information, photographs and videos of previous competitions can be found at:

General information and contacts:

If you have any questions concerning your application, please send an e-mail to

Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD)
Štefanova 5, PO Box 1699, 1000 Ljubljana 




T: 00 386 v2410 522
F: 00 386 (0)1 2410 510


Franci Cotman


T: 00 386 (0)1 2410 523
F: 00 386 (0)1 2410 510






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