Open call for Artist in Residence in the Residence Centre Cankarjeva in Ljubljana for 2024 and 2025


1. The Purpose of the Call

This Call is an invitation to international artists to come to develop their own work and to have an exchange with the local art comunity. The artist will receive free accomodation and access to work spaces. However, monetary stipend  and travel expenses are not included.

2. Location, Premises and Equipment available

The Residence is located in the center of Ljubljana. There are two apartments available with full accomodation. Other facilities include: the multipurpose lecture room that can be used for work, rehearsals, creative socializing, and small exhibitions; a small theater (“Skladovnica”) that can seat 50 people and is suitable for film screenings, small theatre performances, various kinds of presentations and work meetings.

3. Who can apply?

The Call is open for artists at any stage of their career, who are working in any of the following fields:
- Visual arts
- Theater arts
- Literature
- Film and multimedia
- Cultural heritage and folklore
- Vocal and instrumental music
- Contemporary dance
- Interdisciplinary work

4. What does JSKD expect?

- public presentation of artist´s work to the local art community

- a working knowledge of English

- cooperation with local artists and / or the JSKD art advisors

- a brief summary (with some visuals) of artist´s activities during the stay in Residence

The selection of residents will take place according to the principle:

- As equal as possible to the representation of cultural and artistic fields from which the candidates for residencies originate.

- The number of registered candidates for residentces in each term.

- Possibilities of maximizing the number of residents during the term.

- Compliance of the project with the JSKD program guidelines.

5. Dates of the Residency

The opening date of the Call is April 15th, 2024.

The deadline to submit an application is May 20th, 2024.

The applicants will be notified within 30 days after the closing of the application process.

A Residency can take place between September 15th, 2024 and September 30th, 2025 in the following possible terms:




14.9.2024 - 9.10.2024

12.10.2024 - 7.11.2024


19.11.2024 - 16.4.2025



11.11.2024 - 27.3.2025


23.4.2025 - 30.4.2025

23.4.2025 - 19.6.2025  
8.7.2025 – 28.9.2025  

1.6.2025 - 19.6.2025


8.7.2025 – 12.9.2025


29.9.2025 – 30.9.2025


The length of the residency is from seven days to one month.

6. How to apply?

- The application should be completed digitally in English

- For duos and collectives: only one needs to fill out the form and all other collaborators need to include   their CV

- Use the online application form:


- We request that you use Mozilla Firefox.

7. Further Information

Questions about the tender send to



Ljubljana, April 15th 2024








What data do you need for application?





English           slovensko






Questions about the tender send to