Develop Culture Guide services for marginalised social groups

3 - 8 July 2016, Koper, Slovenia




For those who like to say NO!


Tony Cealy, Noh Budget Films, UK
Monday, July 4th, 10.00 – 17.00


A hot peppered inspirational training workshop for facilitators, teachers and leaders working with difficult or reluctant individuals and groups, and all those who seem intent on saying ‘no’ regardless of the exercises and making things difficult for you to work and engage with learners, group members or participants.
The training is an inspirational guide for those working with socially excluded individuals and groups sometimes characterised as difficult or reluctant non- motivated individuals adults, students, youth groups, young offenders, and all those who seem intent on making things difficult for you to work and engage with your group members or participants.


Workshop Content

• How to construct and deliver drama in education work particularly in community settings • Acquainting yourself with the challenges involved in working with ‘un motivated’ groups within closed institutions like prisons, hospitals, unemployed, disabled, or immigrants in institutions • How to motivate and engage inactive groups and individuals • How to identify your own strengths/weaknesses as a facilitator and ways in which you can develop these skills • Exploration of understanding the potentials and limitations of your role of facilitator, teacher, leader etc • Identify approaches on getting fit before you enter the arena of combat • Practice tactics and strategies away from the difficult groups you work with • Manage and cope with resistance • Practice ideas and other roots to tackle difficulties in managing and handling resistance • The Group members • Project Planning • Group psychology • Examples of Games & Exercises • Further resources • Reflect individually on the activities and strategies explored. A key element of the training is establishing an ecology of reflective practice within the group that will allow each delegate to challenge their own working processes.

The training will be evidence based good practice and can be a resource for group leaders. The creative-action-methods in this training are robust in their structure; both fun to play and engaging. They hook in participants using activities that are exciting, challenging or subversive.


Tony Cealy is an actor, trainer, drama facilitator and theatre practitioner. He has worked for over two and a half decades with disadvantaged and disaffected groups locally, regionally, nationally, in Europe and increasingly Internationally using drama & theatre methods for workshops projects and learning programmes in project delivery, development and management, particularly in the areas of criminal justice, community arts, mental health, local authority, education and social services.

He is the founder and director of Noh Budget Films where he has managed numerous creative projects from conception to completion.

He uses drama and theatre to encourage self-awareness and to assist individuals in exploring the idea of change and the impact that it may have on their lives. Within this framework they consider the complex web of connections between personal behaviour, choice and responsibility and broader social, economic and political factors.


Why communication and PR is a part of every successful project?


Maja Rečnik, SPEM Communications, London School of Public Relations
Tuesday, July 5th, 14.00 – 18.00


Maja Rečnik is strategic consultant, responsible for managing project the area of education, PR and marketing communications in one of the first consultancy agencies in Slovenia, SPEM Communications.

In 14 years she has been working as a PR consultant, she has participated in more than 80 PR projects for clients like Paloma, Snaga, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, San Paolo IMI, Henkel Slovenia, Bank Koper /Sanpaolo IMI, KBC, Wienerstaedtische Insurance Company Prevent, etc. Since 2001 she has been a director of London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Adria and responsible for execution of LSPR and partner relations in the SE Europe region. She is planning and executing educational programs for managers in Post of Slovenia, Mobitel and Triglav Insurancy and has launched a CSR School program.

In the book Lobbying is hot she has contributed the chapter about Lobbying and media where she has presented her experiences in media relations and PR planning. In 2002 she graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor, Slovenia. Maja is constantly educating herself according to her work responsibilities. Maja is fluent in English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and German.

Communication and public relations is about reputation and reputation is about trust. Trust is the basic value for exchanging information, believes, ideas, projects and money. Systematic and strategic approach to communication has the goal to win trust of the public which are involved or we would like that they are involved in our mission in the world.

Communication and PR is also a key function of any organizations’ operations. It needs people, time, resources and money, it needs a specific goal and a plan to achieve that goal. We are already born with some of the communication skills, but most of them are learned.

Before we start a communication project, we need to determine the challenges we are facing, we have to understand our mission and vision, than we can set goals and create a plan. On the workshop we will address a concrete challenge and we will find solutions how to prepare a communication plan that will show results. We will get to know the process of preparing communisation project, from analysis, to setting goals and determining the tools and at the end evaluate the project. We will get to learn about basics of different areas and tools of public relations, like media relations, social media, managing events etc. We will also look into some case studies.

The goals of the workshops are:

  • - preparation of the communication plan for a specific challenge or project,

  • - preparation of a press release,

  • - preparation of letter to sponsor or donator - presentation of a project (mission, vision).






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